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Technology Consulting
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Web Design & Developement
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Mobile App Design & Development
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Emerging Technologies
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About Us

We Lead From The Front

As a newly established technology solutions provider, we consistently strive to provide our clients with solutions and services that benefit them the most. We not only provide common technology solutions such as websites and mobile applications, but we provide solutions and services for emerging technologies as well such as Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

We aim to lead the technology services and solutions industry with our above standard customer service, free consulting, industry professionals, expert advice, unique solutions, and a cost-effective timeline.

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Being a high schooler, Shreshth really surprised
me with his level of professionalism, communication,
proactiveness, and quite frankly his quality of work.
He worked in a very methodical way, as we asked,
and he provided us with details every step of the way.
Whether it was low-level designs, high-level designs,
wireframes, a rough draft, or the final product,
he checked in with us to keep us updated and accepted
our feedback to make the product better.
I would love to work with him again.

~ Vivek Chittepu

Co-Founder @ Thinkstitute
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I loved working with Shreshth. He finished the
project earlier than expected. Shreshth was able to
understand exactly what I wanted from my drawing,
and made it a reality. He did all of the development and
kept me updated on the progress so I knew how much
progress was done. Although I did not need to support him
in development which saved time and effort, our close
communication gave me the ability to overlook the process
as a whole and make changes as the project went on.
Our communication has not only been very professional
and respectful, but was also fun because he has a
great personality. Working with Shreshth rather than others
gave me a personalized app with all the features we
wanted at a very cost-effective price. He is by far the
best freelancer I have worked with!

~ Aryan Bhatnagar

Co-Founder @ Func Finder
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Shreshth designed and developed the product
with unlimited revisions allowing us to get the
exact product we had imagined. He was not only a
developer but also a technical advisor. He gave crucial
advice, helping enhance our product and we were able to
see our idea from a different perspective. I would
definitely recommend to anyone who needs a
technology-based solution!

~ Riley Quarders

Student @ Oregon Institute of Techology
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